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Hello. I'm Sandister Tei. This is My Ghanaian Life blog, a hub for all stuff I'm interested in. For more about me or the blog, click the pages tab above.

Sep 01 2014

Tribute to the #FilthCleaningChallenge in Ga.

Source: Cedric Dzelu

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Aug 28 2014

Trendy: #FilthCleaningChallenge


Ok. On my Trendy radar this week is the #FilthCleaningChallenge. It started about an hour ago with this tweet (pictured above) by Twitter user @Rafurl.

Raf’s message is simple. Ice bucket is trending worldwide and even in Ghana. But Ghana has bigger issues like Cholera (not to forget Ebola) on our hands atm. So instead of nominating people to ice bucket, nominate them to clean filth. Nominate celebs and your own tweeps.

Don’t forget to cc @GreenGhanaian (the coolest borla team) in your tweet. They can join forces with you.

Make it happen!

Aug 26 2014

Thinking about Chale Wote last year (2013), since I’m missing the 2014 edition.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival for 2013 took place on Saturday 7 September and Sunday September 8 in Jamestown.

The theme was “Re-imagine African Folklore by creating exciting and futuristic versions of communal stories that will magically come alive on the streets of James Town.” (Accra [dot] ALT Radio).

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Aug 24 2014

Letters to Marissa: Backward

Dear Marissa,

When you mess up, sometimes you get a second chance. You could even get a third, fourth, tenth. But it has become known to me that for some people, whatever stopped them from taking the first opportunity, comes around to make sure they forfeit the subsequent ones as well.

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Aug 24 2014

I found a quote which said:

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

So I’m also asking:

If you had a friend who does to you some of the awful things you do to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

When you’re tired of your own sh*t, ask yourself these questions.

Aug 22 2014

Strawberry croissant @ Roath Park.

Strawberry croissant @ Roath Park.

Aug 19 2014

Is Emeli Sandé gay/lesbian?

Is she? She hasn’t said so. But she is married to a man — marine biologist  Adam Gouraguine according to the BBC.

While it’s her talent in the spotlight and not her sexuality, the internet has questions regarding her My Kind of Love music video, which shows a woman as her object of interest.

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Aug 16 2014

Letters to Marissa: Clarify and close

Dear Marissa,

I am an expressive being. I say what I want and I take responsibility for it. But I was raised differently. My family was one of non-confrontational people mostly.

Even when people where hurting, confused and angry, they would still decline to have a proper talk to solve things. In that household, I was often in a dilemma, whether to express myself which came naturally, or be quiet because my grandmother would prefer that.

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Aug 16 2014

Letters to Marissa: Baby, I am back

Dear Marissa,

Somewhere in 2010, I started the blog “Letters to Marissa” to write to you about my life. Through that, I could have some introspection about my experiences. It was quite popular and people would often write to me asking when the next letter to you will be released. Others would often thank me for capturing their exact sentiments in a given situation.

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Aug 15 2014

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